Harald Viking Lodge #13

Harald Viking Lodge #13
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Call for membership information!

Fraternal Life Insurance

offered to our members

6730 W. 175th St.
Tinley Park, Illinois 60477
Phone (708) 532-7220

Hall Rental (708) 381-9883 

Please send us your E-mail at

so you can receive the Longship.

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under Harald Viking Lodge!!



 Queen of 
 Tickets are on Sale in the Bar!!
Drawings every Tuesday!!

 Harald Lodge Officers

New Officers for 2016

    Chief: Ron Rayka
    Vice Chief: Becca Duda
    Fin. Secretary: Barbara Hendry
    Treasurer: Nancy Conrad
    Recording Secretary: Ann Greybill

    Trustee: Bill Hendry
    Trustee: Sam Hoyas
    Trustee: Gwen Rayka
    Trustee: Larry Nichols
    Trustee: Judy Boldin
    Trustee: Karen Wronky
    Trustee: Dave Zivo
    Trustee: Karen Visser
    Trustee: Tom Greybill
    Trustee: Mike Conrad
    Trustee: John Dominick
    Trustee: Jeff Boldin



Enjoying the Ultimate Win 

In Odin's Cove!



Remember you can make a difference!
If you would like to Chair or help with an activity
at the Lodge let one of our Officers know.

 Trustee of the Month
Mike Conrad


Bar Hours for Our

Members & Guest

Call to make sure lodge is open:

(708) 532-7220

Sunday   Closed Except for Bear Games
Monday  Closed
Tuesday 5:00 - ??? (Joanne)
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 3:00 - 11:00 (Vickie)
Friday 5:00 -10:00 (Connie)
Saturday 5:00 - 10:00 (Connie)

*Odin's Cove will be closed on Friday & Saturday at 10:00 pm unless we have at least 4 paying customers in the bar after 10pm. If the 4 customer rule is applied we can stay open until 2:00 am. Rentals in the Hall will also change the close time. 

Remember Bingo This Week!!!!

New Prize Format 



Save the Date - Open to the Public

 October 16th, 2016 *** 6-10 pm

39th Annual Birthday Blues Fling

$15 in advance - $17 at the Door