Harald Viking Lodge #13
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  • Harald Lodge was founded on March 29, 1903 in the Grand Crossing community. Albert Dahlberg and John Hultgren worked to get prospective members. The Lodge started with 29 charter members. These early meetings were held at Dahlberg's Shoe Store.
  • On August 26th,1961 a building was purchased at 11618 South Michigan Ave. in Roseland. In 1976 Harald Lodge relocated to Tinley Park.
  • Provide Scholarships for members children.                               
  • Support the Illinois Burn Camp ifsa.org.                                                      
  • Work with Community Groups to raise funds.                                 
  • Provide Fraternal and Cultural opportunities for those of Scandinavian descent.
  • Harald Viking Lodge Ladies Auxiliary is an active part of the lodge, always ready to welcome new members.
  • The Viking Drill Team participates with many different activities during the year.
  • The Independent Order of Vikings was incorporated on May 28,1896 and named Vikingarne. An order formed to provide sick benifits for its members.
  • We currently offer Life Insurance for our members.
  • Our Website is  IOVikings.org
  • In more recent years we have provided Scholarships to high school students, support for our members children to attend the Minnesota Language Camp,clvweb.cord.edu and in 2002 the I.O.V. named the Childrens Burn Camp as our national charity.



For information about the Independent Order of Vikings you can visit our web site: IOV

Ragnar Anderson Scholarship Guidelines

The applicant must be a member, or a child or grandchild of a member, also the applicant or sponsor must be a member in good standing for 12 months prior to the June General Membership meeting. Membership of the applicant and or the sponsor will be a major consideration as well as lodge participation. 

The applicant must register for a minimum of (6) credit hours per semester.

The applicant may be interviewed by the scholarship committee.

The applicant must have volunteered for six hours of service at the lodge by November 1st. If they live out of state a parent, grand parent, etc. can perform this service.

Applicants will be eligible to receive an additional scholarship, in subsquent years, subject to the availability of funds and the committee's discretion.

The Scholarship Committee will anounce the avalablity of the applications in August, September & October Longship, with November 1st as the deadline. Awards will be presented at the December Membership Meeting.





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